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Movati Athletic

MOVATI is a premium fitness club with affordable membership rates. In order to accurately convey the experience of being a MOVATI member, we captured authentic photography using real club members, giving their audience a better understanding of who they are and what they believe in as a brand. We captured a series of 35 subjects to detail the members, group classes, and moments in fitness that make MOVATI a unique fitness experience.

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Andrea Collins, Mindful Mostly Podcast

Andrea Collins, host of the Mindful Mostly podcast, needed content captured for her new site and her growing Instagram. We developed the photoshoot to capture different aspects of her personality and sponsorships she was working with. We captured everything from a mural she painted in her kitchen, her love of writing, her taste for good wine, and her bubbly personality.

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Nivea UK

German based skin care brand Nivea is internationally known for its diverse award winning products. It’s social media and print campaigns draw millions of viewers worldwide. This particular project required both thorough knowledge of the landscapes of Iceland as well as a high degree of technical skill to produce high quality images evoking the feel and essence of the brand to its audience. 

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