Andrea Collins, Mindful Mostly Podcast

Andrea Collins, host of the Mindful Mostly podcast, needed content captured for her new site and her growing Instagram. We developed the photoshoot to capture different aspects of her personality and sponsorships she was working with. We captured everything from a mural she painted in her kitchen, her love of writing, her taste for good wine, and her bubbly personality.

All of this laddered up to embodying how she best describes her company:

This is a podcast for those of us who are mindful - most of the time.

Living a healthy, authentic life is what being Mindful (mostly) is all about. It’s for those of us women who want to be our best in a real way - where there is no shame wearing yoga pants to mostly just watch Friends reruns.

Host, Andrea Collins, a potato chip loving (regular kettle), dry shampoo addicted human, knew she needed to create something that incorporated “down-to-earthness” with the wellness world - cause sometimes it can be a bit much, no?

It's all about being happy, balanced, real and mindful (mostly).

The Gallery

The Result