Finding True Love on Fogo Island


I cried.

I packed my film camera for this trip, not certain when or where I would use it. When we pulled off to the side of the road to capture this sunset, I remember seeing Wendell and Geraldine at the end of their dock and saying to Amir how perfect it would be to capture them but how I couldn’t just go up to them and start snapping away. But all thanks to Amir, he said just go talk to them. I learned a lot in the hours that followed.

Capturing Geraldine and Wendell through the lense of my film camera was like reading the greatest love story. I was so aware of the way they interacted, the way they loved and cherished one another and the how happy they were with the life that they had built together. I soon found myself in tears, overwhelmed by so many emotions. I was thinking of all the untold stories that we pass by when we travel to new places, all the ways that couples love each other outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, and how effortless true love really is. This proved it wasn’t about the fanciest mansion, the crystal clear blue water, or the perfect boat from a catalogue, it was about the relationship they had together that made them the happiest of everything in their lives.

We printed out our favourites and shipped a special package to Wendell & Geraldine for them to cherish.